Introduction to Néishté

Saturday meeting

Talking with Néishté is a strange sort of phenomenon all in itself. When he speaks the mental images appear and continuously accompanies what he is saying. At times, the images you see and the words he speaks blend together so it's difficult to know where one leaves off and the other begins.

Not only is there perception of images and words but there is also a sense of personal well being and belonging which accompanies this experience. At any rate, we taped a conversation and hope the text of this excerpt is beneficial.

We got to the gathering late and Néishté was speaking:

"We are coming to a time when the plot to keep the government's from 'correcting' naturally is upon all of us. There has been an increasing amount of timeage spent upon the stable economy and money to be made in the new frontier of the information highway. Truth is just printing more paper money to be put into circulation in order to prove that the environment is supportive and stable! The real world which we find our 'Spirits' in is not so easily solved by the printing of paper money.

Are we in time?

Crop failures, too much sulfur, etc., windstorms of a different variety, not predictable. Many things are being spoken of among us. But they may not be prevalent in mass media. Spirit needed for Life changes - Life choices with a knowledge of choices not so unsure anymore.

The creator put, in some humans, a time released/if needed, knowledge of what to do or to say.

Consciousness was not meant to be used as a spiritual reflecting system nor was it designed to be constantly in a loop. So in order to use consciousness effectively we need to be consciously aware, i.e.. consciousness of awareness. The problem is that most humans are in a state of everything is all right, and will not willingly open the portals to be conscious of awareness, except within the parameters of 'pleasure'. They will not listen to 'inside' or to others.

The humans who do have the courage to be their spiritual selves will find new apertures open and they will find that there is control and action for their own destiny, and their life will begin to be 'full filling'. There is no solid reason or explanation for our physical existential existence. In fact no-thing is exactly solid, i.e.. atomic density and bonding.

To be unresolved in this existence is to be shaped by the always changing typography of earth in motion. The unresolved find that their concept of the future and of their life is one of predestination. This is a dangerous premise to be decided as truth by the unknowing. And their sense of destiny has no center and no place of origin and dissemination, as if their future was beyond themselves. What is doing the existential living is the key.

As things open up, the need for 'centering' and awareness for many things before and unperceived will begin to impinge upon the perceptual awareness in an expanding fashion. The need to juxtapose this material upon a balanced comprehension of 'being'.*** (There is a need)

This is needed because 'Reality' and our perception of 'Reality' is going to change. A being in a person should not open the aperture of 'Visions-Revelations' and simply sit back and view the process as if he was at the Theater. People often try to live life the same way. And they are willing to sell their security and/or self-sufficiency for the perceived 'roles' continuation. This sets up the stage for 'Virtual Reality' .

Go to work, come to pod and plug in as if this reality will satisfy the void that they are trying to fill. This unquenchable thirst that is within all of us: the search for 'beingness'. The feeling of existential energy, capable of coherent action and/or the ability to be the physical energy of this existence with our heart and 'Soul' - the Spirit within each of us.

There is a need to understand it this 'being energy' to live coherently within the ecosystem of Earth. While we may not have the intellectual answers to everything - WE CAN BE EVERYTHING WE CAN BE WITH."

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