Glimpses of Néishté

If you truly want to be a student, you must become centered and you must initiate your 'self'. Your life energy will increase and then a Shaman is necessary. You must learn to act and not just react. But you must 'see' the reaction in order to 'cleanse' the Spirit. We have forgotten how to be a 'Being' and as such, we never let this part grow; evolve. We learned to REACT to the environment and to act emotionally (or stifle the emotion). Everyone is trying to manipulate, with intent, their emotions and their feelings. We have not learned how to project and use image-ination. For things to be sent out correctly, and with impact, the Spirit in each of us must project or send energy outward.

When you can increase the 'personal energy' in others, not just emotions and feelings, you begin to hit the centers of receptivity i.e. - the heart and the transcendent self! If you only tamper with an appeal to feelings and emotion, you invite consequences. If you do not understand your 'energy center' and radiate out, then, you will try to control materialistically and you will try to control earth instead of being one with your mind.

Most people caught in these nether realms will not be open to a Shaman. They will 'perceive' (see) only a reflection of truth. A Shaman helps balance 'beingness' and 'energizes' spiritual awareness. You must not be so attached to Earth. Feel it-love it-making it sacred but do not attach your self!, your 'beingness' is an effort to hold the Earth. Let go of the 'Earth'-DON'T TRY TO CONTROL NOR HOLD on to it. Be one with the energy around you by being your own personal energy freely. Accept your gift and let your physical beingness be FREE within the 'Relativity' in which we now find ourselves. Have and understand everything the way-it-is. The Prime directive, 'Let all things serve your consciousness.' ENJOY the essence but do not try to HOLD-EVERYTHING. Everything is not dependent on your beingness for its beingness. Without a Shaman there is a strong possibility that 'things' will be worthless.

Your words and actions must possess spiritual energy (Power). Your words direct your consciousness and reflective consciousness. If you utter stupid-lying utterances, then your knowledge begins to reflect this and your signals will distort everything around you. You must rely on your spiritual strength, your 'genetic' strength. If you do this, THEN ALL YOU NEED WILL BE YOURS.

Each one of our individual spirits is made from the marvels of the universe and it is made up of the stuff stars are made of. When you utter complaints, excuses, avoidance i.e. - They made me do it-This is what was done to me-I don't know what to do-This or That did not happen - THEN your intonation, your projected energy has little or no effect. Except at times, it affects others who are infected just like to you.

If you seek 'things', to escape your self - Then you are the one who has-no one-home. Do you tell people 'Dare to be great' - 'Live and Listen' to the universe as a participant. Learn to forgive. Or do you treat people like furniture, sit in it for awhile, as long as it's comfortable or rewarding. Something more comfortable, comes along - trade it in. Then you will have no sustained joy-peace-tranquillity. You have a chance to be Human and to be your Spirit.

All of us have descriptive adjectives to apply when talking of our 'selves'. We THINK we are many things, yet it is many things that are one unified Being does, experiences, encounters.

WHO AND WHAT ARE WE REALLY? I doubt if we have enough words to explain. Most people are many things but without our integrated 'self', our unified Being, we are in nothing. FEAR-insecurity-anger can be used to accomplish many things. Be afraid not to be spiritual, be greedy to absorb all great energies, take pride in being more whole everyday, desire to be unified, attach yourself to expanding your energy to include that which cannot be stated. How can you seek separation and distinction, when there is natural individuation and in unification in the field of life. You have creation 'vibrating' in you. Seek Harmonic Convergence.

You seek perfection by civilizing yourself and others, as if Who-ism was found out by separation and alienation. You criticize your body-emotions split into good and evil, your psychic swings from periodic happy to anger at yourself and your conditions. You are in 'infinity' and move in a 'Gift of creation'.

People want to have the sixth-sense. IT'S foundation is beingness not perfection. IT'S energy of enlightenment is a sense of belongingness and being at home in one voyage. The psychic aperture is opening and the New Age of change is being ushered in as a gift - November 11, 2012 - experience truthfully everyday and open the Sipapu in your psychic.

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